Now on to waiting

We had our meeting with A yesterday, and it went pretty well. It was basically a question and answer session, and we have a much better understanding of what to expect. Apparently we don't have to wait any longer for BMs to be able to choose us! I had it in my mind, that we would have to wait for our home study to be completed before we would be presented to a BM, but that's not the case. We are officially in the system, and it could be anytime now that we get a call saying that there is a match for us! The only thing we need to do now is get our home study completed and continue to wait and pray. Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait, but we're trusting God and know that it is all in His timing.

One thing I was surprised about is that we don't need to write a BM letter or make a family profile. I assumed both would be required and that's how the BM would choose us, but A said that they both come across very superficial, and she feels there's more of a success rate without the letter and profile. She's written up a "resume" of sorts on us that will be presented to BMs, but they'll never even see our picture unless they request one. This part concerns me a little, but at the same time, I'm a little relieved. We don't have many family pictures, just a lot of E.. so I guess she would be right that it would be a little superficial if we were to go out and take pictures just for the profile. I really have to stop thinking about things like this, because it IS in God's hands and regardless of a BM letter or a family profile being presented, the baby that God wants us to have will come to us somehow.

We're really excited to finally be on "the list". At the same time we understand that there are at least 75 other parents that are looking to adopt through our attorney, and at the moment there are no BMs listed. We do know that they place an average of 30 children a year, so that puts my mind at ease... we're just praying that our daughter's BM is directed to our attorney and feels confident with working with the office. Hopefully we'll hear something before long.


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