No news is good news?

I have not heard one word from the Adoption Lawyer or our Social Worker since the day we signed the papers to be put into the system... We were told on that day, that we would be contacted if/when a child became available that fit the criteria we had chosen... but it's been almost 5 months. The average wait time is 8 months, and we've not heard a word. It makes me wonder, but at the same time, I know God is in control of this adoption and I know VERY well that the timing is not right, right now. I know in my heart that God has everything worked out. I'm not worried or concerned... I'm a little relieved that we've not been contacted. If we had been, we'd have to go into detail about the house being in pre-foreclosure... and then I'm sure we'd be denied. I still wonder why God put it on our hearts and showed confirmation after confirmation that we should start the adoption process... and then we get the foreclosure letter 3 months later. But again - I know He's in control and there's a reason.. I'm trusting Him completely to fulfill this plan He's put it our hearts. I know He's going to let us keep the house, and I know He has a little one for us to adopt... and I also know that through all of this junk that is happening, He'll receive the glory and His power will be shown greater than if we had had no problems at all!

He's been talking to me a lot... and I do mean a lot, about trusting Him completely. I truly feel like I'm trusting God with all that I am. I can't imagine what someone that didn't trust Him would feel like... because if God thinks I need to trust Him MORE than I already am... that's huge. Yes, there are times of wondering.. but I have no doubt that whatever God wants for our lives, will happen... I think that might be part of it, though... He wants me to stand firm and trust in His promises, and not just say, well whatever God wants will happen..

Sorry for the rambling. I haven't posted in forever, and it's mainly because there's nothing to post. Hopefully things will start moving along and I'll have more to share!