God's Calling

Back in December God had spoken to me about having another child... Of course, that's not something that would make me jump for joy, so I argued for a little bit and gave my little tantrum and then put it aside and tried to forget about God speaking... At the beginning of January, God again, spoke to my heart, but this time it was about adoption. I have always wanted to adopt a child, but D has been reluctant. We talked about the possibility when we first got married and he was not on board with the idea, so I haven't mentioned it for probably 5 years. This time, when it came up, God had already prepared D's heart and he immediately agreed with me that we should look into it. That alone blew my mind, but the coming days, God absolutely amazed me with the way He was revealing His will to us.

God first started softening our hearts to the idea of another child in our lives through a little one that was born in early January. Her mother wasn't sure if she was able to take care of the child, and adoption was mentioned. My immediate thoughts were "I want her" and as soon as I spoke those words, in my mind, I took a step back and thought... what did I just say?! I talked with D about this possibility, and we both started praying... we soon realized that this little one was not the daughter God had for us, but I'm so thankful that He used her to stir up something He had placed in me so long ago.

The next few weeks God opened the flood gates with confirmation, left and right - almost daily - assuring us that adoption was a new road He wanted to take us down. I'm so amazed at how He's revealing Himself to us lately. God has given us a new perspective on many things and we can feel Him closer than we have in years. We have no doubt in our minds that we're hearing and following His voice, and we're filled with anticipation to see how He works everything out.

With God, all things are possible... $10,000 is a drop in the bucket when God is the one orchestrating it all. Financially, we are most definitely not able to adopt a child, but God knew that before He put it on our hearts. If we were easily able to pull the money out of savings, how would God receive the glory? We're having to rely completely on God's provision - and He'll put us on the hearts of those that He sees fit to give. We're praying that we're able to bring our daughter home by the end of the year, but that's completely up to God. Right now, we have $175 that we need to pay just to get the ball rolling... after that we'll have to put $3000 into an account before we can be put on the list for BMs to choose from. All in all, the adoption should not cost more than $10,000. So here we sit, praying for our little girl and humbly asking that we receive the help we need to fulfill the plan God has for us right now.

If you feel God is laying it on your heart to donate funds, you can do that with ease and security through Paypal by clicking on the "ChipIn" button on this page... We can't thank you enough and will never be able to show our true appreciation of your support. If money is not something you can offer right now, we would definitely be grateful if you'd pray for us as well as the birth mother and our daughter. Handing your child over to someone else has got to be the hardest thing a mother can do... so please pray for the BM's heart, her mind, and more importantly her relationship with God.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on the journey and being such a crucial part in fulfilling God's plan for our lives.


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