Initial Visit

We finally have a date set to sit down with our R's associate - woo!! We'll be meeting with her this coming Monday - March 8th - at 10am, so please remember to pray for us at that time. We're excited to finally sit down with someone and finalize our papers. I'm anxious to get some questions answered and have a better understanding of what to expect and when to expect it. Thanks again for all of your prayers. We know that this would not be possible unless God was leading the way.

I have to add to this... A friend let me know about a gold exchange they were having tonight as a fundraiser for her son's school. I decided to take some gold jewelry, that I haven't worn in forever, to see if I could get something for it. To be honest, I expected maybe 50 bucks - 75 at the very most. The little bits of nothing jewelry that I just had laying around brought me $240!!!! Can you believe that?! The lady told me how much, and I thought nooo really???? God is so amazing. We purchased a 1 yr old very expensive peg perego ($300) car seat yesterday for a whopping $50 and stroller to go with it for $20, so God not only gave us the money for the attorney visit, but He also gave back what we had just paid out for the car seat and stroller! He just amazes me.... He loves us so much and I'm so thankful!!!


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